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The newest Polymer Clay on the market today

For many years, we have wanted a very high quality american made polymer clay. Although, there was an excellent american polymer clay on the market, it needed some work. The colors were not intense enough and it wasn't an all around (do everything) type of polymer clay.

In 1994, Marie and I approached Polyform to make a New Clay!!!! I felt that it was best to go to Polyform Products, to work on this project. No sense started a whole new polymer clay factory.

We had been working with the F-word polymer clay for 15 years, at that time. There wasn't anything we didn't know about it. Even in the begining, we spent many hours on the phone talking to other artists, on how to make that clay work for all of us! (if you are one of those artists and want me to mention your name, let me know!) Together, we all developed many techniques that are used today by all of you new and upcomming artists.

We took all of the knowlegde we had using that F-word clay, and used it to make the best all around American made polymer clay!

Below are some of the things we did.

At the time, there was not a name for this new clay....... we took it upon ourselves, and called it Clay Factory Clay!!! (during the testin process) I have to thank all of you that supported us in this venture and giving us the needed feedback.

We found that working with the PREMO, was entirely different than working with the F-word clay. It actually took some time getting used to using this new clay. The properties were very different. We had to rethink some of the techiques we had developed. We elimated using the food processer. Meaning no more grinding first.

this saved us a lot of time...... We also found that many other things were different. It didn't take long to make the adjustment. We have no problem doing anything we want using PREMO! Above and beyond this, many new techniques are now comming out using only PREMO!!!

Premo Sculpey has been developed by Marie Segal, in conjunction with Polyform Products,  keeping the artist in mind.
Marie capitalized on many years of experience, using polymer clays, to enhance the qualities of this clay.

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